An HR Supervisor, also known as an HR (Human Resources) Supervisor or HR Manager, is a professional responsible for overseeing and managing various HR activities within an organization. They play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with employment laws, developing and implementing HR policies and procedures, and supporting the organization’s HR functions.

You will contribute to the development and updating of HR policies, procedures, and employee handbooks. It’s your responsibility to ensure that these policies are effectively communicated and implemented across the organization. HR Supervisor

Job Highlights

  • Job Role: Supervisor


  1. HR Policy and Procedure Development: Developing, implementing, and updating HR policies and procedures in line with the organization’s goals and legal requirements. They ensure that HR policies are communicated effectively to employees and consistently applied across the organization.
  2. Employee Recruitment and Onboarding: Overseeing the recruitment process, including job posting, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and making hiring decisions. They also coordinate employee onboarding activities, such as orientation programs, paperwork completion, and introducing new employees to company policies and culture.
  3. Employee Relations: Managing employee relations issues and promoting a positive work environment. They address employee concerns, resolve conflicts, and ensure fair and consistent application of company policies. HR Supervisors may also conduct investigations into workplace issues and recommend appropriate disciplinary actions if necessary.
  4. Performance Management: Supporting performance management processes, including setting performance goals, conducting performance evaluations, and providing guidance on employee development and performance improvement plans. They work closely with managers and employees to foster a culture of continuous feedback and development.
  5. Training and Development: Identifying training needs, coordinating training programs, and evaluating their effectiveness. HR Supervisors facilitate employee development initiatives, such as skills training, leadership development, and career advancement opportunities.
  6. Compensation and Benefits Administration: Overseeing the administration of employee compensation and benefits programs. They ensure compliance with legal requirements, manage employee payroll, coordinate benefits enrollment, and provide guidance on compensation-related matters.
  7. HR Data Management and Reporting: Maintaining accurate HR records and employee data, including personnel files, time and attendance records, and HRIS (Human Resources Information System) data. HR Supervisors generate HR reports and analyze data to provide insights and support informed decision-making.
  8. Compliance and Legal Requirements: Ensuring compliance with employment laws, regulations, and industry standards. HR Supervisors stay updated on labor laws, handle compliance audits, and work with legal counsel when needed to mitigate legal risks.
HR Supervisor


  • Bachelor’s Degree in HR
  • 5-year Minimum Experience
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Expert in MS Office
  • Stay updated on HR best practices and legal requirements
  • Coordinate HR-related projects and initiatives
  • Maintain accurate employee records and HR databases
  • Prepare HR reports and analyze HR metrics

Preferred Candidate

  • Residence Location: Doha, Qatar. HR Supervisor
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