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KPK Board 9th Class Date Sheet

The primary educational board in KPK is the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (KPBISE), also known as the BISE Peshawar. It is responsible for conducting examinations for secondary school (Matric) and intermediate (Intermediate) levels. The KPBISE is responsible for various administrative tasks, including the registration of schools and colleges, issuance of roll numbers, conduction of exams, and announcement of results. KPK Board 9th Class Date Sheet

Apart from BISE Peshawar, there are several other educational boards in KPK that oversee different regions within the province. These include:

  1. BISE Abbottabad (Abbottabad Board)
  2. BISE Swat (Swat Board)
  3. BISE Malakand (Malakand Board)
  4. BISE Mardan (Mardan Board)
  5. BISE Kohat (Kohat Board)
  6. BISE Bannu (Bannu Board)
  7. BISE DI Khan (Dera Ismail Khan Board)

These boards are responsible for conducting examinations at the secondary and intermediate levels within their respective regions, registering schools and colleges, and announcing results. The KPK educational boards are essential institutions in the province’s education system, ensuring fair and standardized examinations and maintaining the quality of education in KPK.

KPK Board refers to the educational boards operating in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan. KPK is one of the four provinces of Pakistan, and it has its own separate educational board responsible for conducting examinations and managing educational affairs within the province.