Choosing the right college for medical and dental education is a pivotal decision that shapes the future of aspiring healthcare professionals. Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry (LCMD) stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering comprehensive programs in medicine and dentistry. Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry Admission 2024 Last Date

Eligibility Criteria at Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry

LCMD maintains rigorous eligibility criteria to ensure that admitted students possess the necessary qualifications and dedication for a successful medical or dental career. The following are the general eligibility requirements for LCMD’s programs:

  1. Pre-Medical or Pre-Dental Certificate: Prospective candidates must have completed their Pre-Medical or Pre-Dental certificates from a recognized educational institution.
  2. Entry Test: Aspiring students are required to take a standardized entry test such as the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) with 55% Marks. LCMD accepts scores from these tests as part of the admission process.
  3. Minimum Grades: Applicants should have a strong academic background, typically requiring a minimum of 60% or above in their pre-medical or pre-dental certificates. Competitive programs might have higher grade requirements.
  4. Interview: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview as part of the selection process. The interview assesses the applicant’s communication skills, motivation, and suitability for the chosen field.
  5. Foreign Students: International students interested in studying at LCMD may have additional requirements, such as English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL and equivalent educational qualifications recognized by the college.

Fee Structure of LCMD

LCMD offers a competitive fee structure, ensuring that high-quality medical and dental education is accessible to deserving students. The exact fees may vary from year to year, so it is crucial for applicants to verify the latest fee details. As of my last knowledge update in 2022, here’s a general overview of LCMD’s fee structure:

  1. Tuition Fees: Tuition fees typically cover lectures, laboratory work, clinical training, and other educational resources. Prospective students should refer to the college’s official website or prospectus for the most current tuition fee information.
  2. Additional Expenses: In addition to tuition fees, students should budget for expenses related to textbooks, study materials, uniforms, and other educational resources.
  3. Scholarships and Financial Aid: LCMD may offer scholarships or financial aid to academically outstanding students. It’s advisable to explore these opportunities through the college’s official channels.

How to Apply Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry

Here is a step-by-step guide to applying for LCMD’s medical and dental programs:

  1. Obtain the Application Form: Obtain the official application form from LCMD.
  2. Complete the Application: Fill out the application form accurately, providing all necessary details, including personal information, academic history, and standardized test scores.
  3. Submission: Submit the completed application form along with all required documents to the college’s admissions office within the specified application deadline.
  4. Entrance Test: Prepare for and take the required entrance test (MCAT or DAT). Ensure that your test scores are sent directly to LCMD as part of your application.
  5. Interview: Prepare for the interview by showcasing your passion for the chosen field and your understanding of the profession.
  6. Admission Confirmation: Upon acceptance, follow the instructions provided by LCMD to confirm your admission, including paying the necessary admission fees within the stipulated timeframe.
Last Date For BScN27 November 2023
Last Date For CNA27 September 2023
Last Date For Paramedical Course27 September 2023
Entry Test For Paramedical Course15 October 2023
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Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry is a reputable institution that offers aspiring medical and dental students a conducive environment for learning and growth. By meeting the specified eligibility criteria, understanding the fee structure, and navigating the application process diligently, prospective students can pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career in the field of medicine or dentistry. Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry Admission 2024 Last Date

Programs Offered at LCMD

LCMD offers a comprehensive array of programs catering to various aspects of healthcare. LCMD provides a platform to pursue your aspirations. Here are the key programs offered at LCMD:

  1. Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
    • Duration: 5 years
    • Description: The Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program at LCMD is designed to prepare students for a career in medicine. It encompasses a rigorous curriculum that includes basic sciences, clinical rotations, and hands-on training in a variety of medical specialties.
  2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
    • Duration: 4 years
    • Description: LCMD’s BDS program is a comprehensive course in dental sciences. It provides students with the necessary knowledge and clinical skills to become competent dentists. The program covers various aspects of dentistry, including oral health, diagnosis, and treatment of dental issues.
  3. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
    • Duration: 5 years
    • Description: The DPT program at LCMD focuses on physical therapy and rehabilitation. Students learn to assess and treat patients with physical disabilities, injuries, and chronic conditions. The curriculum includes both theoretical knowledge and practical clinical experiences.
  4. Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy)
    • Duration: 5 years
    • Description: LCMD offers a comprehensive Pharm.D program that prepares students for a career in pharmacy. The program emphasizes drug therapy and patient care.
  5. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)
    • Duration: 4 years
    • Description: LCMD’s BScN program is designed to educate and train nursing professionals. Students acquire the necessary skills to provide quality nursing care in various healthcare settings. The program emphasizes patient-centered care, ethics, and clinical experience.
Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry Admission 2024 Last Date