Category: Article


An “article” refers to a written composition on a specific topic, typically found in newspapers, magazines, journals, websites, and other forms of publications. They are used to inform, entertain, educate, or persuade readers about various subjects. They come in various forms and styles, depending on their purpose and the target audience. Here are some common types

  1. News: Presents factual information about current events, often in a concise and objective manner. It answers the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” questions.
  2. Feature: Provides an in-depth exploration of a particular topic, often with a more personal and narrative style. Features can be human-interest stories, profiles, or analytical pieces.
  3. Opinion (Op-Ed): Expresses the writer’s viewpoint or opinion on a specific issue. These are typically persuasive and subjective in nature.
  4. How-To: Offers step-by-step instructions or guidance on accomplishing a task, such as cooking, DIY projects, or using technology.
  5. Review: Evaluates and critiques a product, service, book, movie, or other form of media. It provides an analysis and assessment of the subject matter.
  6. Research: Presents the findings of a study or research project, often following a structured format with sections like abstract, introduction, methodology, results, and conclusion.
  7. Educational: Aims to teach readers about a particular subject or concept, often breaking down complex ideas into easily understandable pieces.
  8. Humor: Intended to entertain and amuse readers through jokes, anecdotes, and witty observations.
  9. Travel: Describes and explores travel destinations, experiences, and tips for readers interested in visiting certain places.
  10. Interview: Presents a conversation between the writer and a notable individual, discussing their thoughts, experiences, and opinions.