Superior University, situated in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan, is renowned for its commitment to providing quality education and fostering academic excellence. If you aspire to become a part of this esteemed institution, it’s essential to understand the admission process, eligibility criteria, and fee structure. Superior University Admission 2024 Last Date- Fee Structure

Superior University Admission 2024 Latest Update

Last Date28 September 2023
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Eligibility Criteria at Superior University

Superior University offers admissions at various academic levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate programs. Here are the general eligibility criteria:

Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Intermediate or Equivalent: Applicants should have successfully completed their Intermediate or equivalent education from a recognized board or institution.
  2. Minimum Percentage Requirement: A minimum percentage requirement is set for each undergraduate program, typically ranging from 45% to 60%, depending on the chosen program.
  3. Entry Test (if applicable): Some undergraduate programs may require candidates to pass an entry test. This test evaluates applicants’ knowledge and skills related to their chosen field of study.

Graduate Programs:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: To apply for a master’s program (e.g., MS, MBA, etc.), candidates must possess a relevant bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution.
  2. Minimum CGPA or Percentage: Superior University typically specifies a minimum 2.5/4.00 CGPA or 45% percentage requirement for admission into master’s programs.
  3. Entry Test or Interview: Depending on the program, candidates may be required to pass an admission test or appear for an interview.

Postgraduate Programs (M.Phil and Ph.D.):

  1. Master’s Degree: Applicants must have a relevant master’s degree from a recognized institution.
  2. Minimum CGPA or Percentage: A minimum 3.00/4.00 CGPA or 50% percentage requirement is typically set for admission to M.Phil and Ph.D. programs.
  3. Research Proposal: For research-based programs, candidates usually need to submit a research proposal outlining their intended research area.

Fee Structure of Superior University

The fee structure at Superior University may vary depending on the program, level of study, and whether the student is a local or international applicant. Here’s a general outline of the components:

  1. Tuition Fees: Tuition fees vary by program and level (undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate).
  2. Admission Fee: A one-time admission fee is typically charged when students first enroll at the university.
  3. Examination Fees: Students may need to pay examination fees for each semester or annual exams.
  4. Library and Laboratory Fees: Additional charges may include fees for library and laboratory facilities, as applicable to the program.
  5. Hostel Accommodation (if applicable): For students residing in university hostels, separate accommodation and mess charges apply.

It’s essential to check the official Superior University website or contact the university’s admission office for the most up-to-date and program-specific fee information.

Admission Process of Superior University

The admission process at Superior University follows these steps: Superior University Admission 2024 Last Date- Fee Structure

  1. Advertisement of Admissions: Superior University releases admission advertisements in leading newspapers and on its official website, announcing the availability of programs, application deadlines, and admission procedures.
  2. Create an Account: Create or login to an account on the official website for admission.
  3. Online Application: Applicants must complete and submit their applications online through the official Superior University website during the specified application period. All required documents, including academic certificates, transcripts, and photographs, should be attached to the application.
  4. Admission Fee: Download the fee challan and submit it to the bank.
  5. Entrance Tests and Interviews: Depending on the program, candidates may need to appear for entrance tests or interviews as part of the selection process.
  6. Merit Lists: Superior University compiles merit lists based on academic performance, entrance test results (if applicable), and other relevant criteria. These lists are published on the university’s website and notice boards.
  7. Document Verification: Applicants whose names appear on the merit list are required to submit their documents for verification to confirm the authenticity of their academic records.
  8. Fee Submission: Once admitted, students must submit the admission fee and other dues within the specified timeframe.
  9. Orientation and Enrollment: Superior University organizes an orientation program for newly admitted students, providing essential information about the university and their chosen program. Students complete their enrollment by submitting the necessary documents and participating in the orientation session.

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Superior University offers a multitude of academic opportunities, from undergraduate to postgraduate and doctoral programs, across various disciplines. By meeting the eligibility criteria, carefully following the admission process, and embracing the educational excellence that Superior University provides, aspiring students can secure their admission to this esteemed institution and embark on a journey of academic excellence and personal growth.

Superior University Offered Subject

Level of StudyPrograms and Subjects Offered
Undergraduate– Bachelor of Business Administration
Programs– Bachelor of Computer Science
– Bachelor of Engineering (Various Disciplines)
– Bachelor of Science in Economics
– Bachelor of Arts in English
– Bachelor of Science in Psychology
– Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
– Bachelor of Commerce
– Bachelor of Fashion and Design
Graduate (MS)– Master of Business Administration
Programs– Master of Computer Science
– Master of Engineering (Various Disciplines)
– Master of Science in Economics
– Master of Arts in English
– Master of Science in Psychology
– Master of Science in Mathematics
– Master of Commerce
– Master of Fashion and Design
Postgraduate– M.Phil in Business Administration
Programs (M.Phil)– M.Phil in Computer Science
– M.Phil in Engineering (Various Disciplines)
– M.Phil in Economics
– M.Phil in English
– M.Phil in Psychology
– M.Phil in Mathematics
– M.Phil in Commerce
– M.Phil in Fashion and Design
Postgraduate– Ph.D. in Business Administration
Programs (Ph.D.)– Ph.D. in Computer Science
– Ph.D. in Engineering (Various Disciplines)
– Ph.D. in Economics
– Ph.D. in English
– Ph.D. in Psychology
– Ph.D. in Mathematics
– Ph.D. in Commerce
– Ph.D. in Fashion and Design

Please note that Superior University offers a wide range of additional programs and subjects across various disciplines. The above table provides a snapshot of some of the programs available for students to pursue their academic and career aspirations. It’s advisable to visit the official Superior University website or contact the university’s admissions office for the most up-to-date and detailed information regarding programs and subjects offered. Superior University Admission 2024 Last Date- Fee Structure

Superior University Campuses

Superior University boasts several well-equipped campuses that cater to a wide range of academic disciplines and programs.

  1. Main Campus:
    • Address: 17-KM, Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
    • Contact Number: +92 42 111 00 00 78
    • Overview: The Main Campus serves as the hub of Superior University’s academic activities. It houses various faculties, administrative offices, libraries, classrooms, and research facilities. This campus is the heart of Superior University’s vibrant academic community.
  2. Downtown Campus:
    • Address: 12-C, Zahoor Elahi Road, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.
    • Contact Number: +92 42 111 00 00 78
    • Overview: The Downtown Campus is strategically located in the heart of Lahore’s commercial hub. It provides a convenient location for professionals and students pursuing business, management, and other programs. The campus features modern classrooms and a conducive learning environment.
  3. Township Campus:
    • Address: 31-B-1, Opposite Jamia Masjid, Sector C, Bahria Town, Lahore, Pakistan.
    • Contact Number: +92 42 111 00 00 78
    • Overview: The Township Campus offers a tranquil setting for academic pursuits. This campus caters to various undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  4. Multan Campus:
    • Address: 4-5 Aziz Shaheed Road, Gulgasht Colony, Multan, Pakistan.
    • Contact Number: +92 61 111 00 00 78
    • Overview: Superior University’s Multan Campus extends its commitment to academic excellence to the city of Multan. With modern infrastructure and a dedicated faculty, this campus offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.
  5. Sialkot Campus:
    • Address: 4-5 Khadim Ali Road, Cantt, Sialkot, Pakistan.
    • Contact Number: +92 52 111 00 00 78
    • Overview: The Sialkot Campus is a testament to Superior University’s mission to provide quality education across regions. It caters to the educational needs of Sialkot and nearby areas, offering programs designed to meet local and global demands.
Superior University Admission 2023 Last Date- Fee Structure