Ghazi University, situated in the vibrant city of Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan, is a reputable institution known for offering a diverse range of academic programs. If you’re eager to join this esteemed university, it’s vital to understand the eligibility criteria, fee structure, and admission process. Ghazi University Admission 2024 Last Date- Apply Online

Ghazi University Spring Admission 2024 Last date- Latest Update

UniversityGhazi University
Last Date For All Program26 January 2024
Test Date For MS, M.Sc (Hons)30 January 2024
Test Date For Ph.D.30 January 2024
Address 2JQP+V2G, College Rd, BLOCK 18, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab

Eligibility Criteria at Ghazi University

Ghazi University provides admissions at various academic levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate. Here’s a breakdown of the general eligibility criteria:

  1. Undergraduate Programs:
    • Applicants must have successfully completed their Intermediate or equivalent education.
    • A minimum of 45% marks in the relevant subject area is typically required.
    • For certain programs, like engineering or medical sciences, candidates might need to pass a specialized entry test, such as ECAT or MCAT.
    • Meeting program-specific prerequisites, if any, such as specific subject combinations.
  2. Graduate Programs:
    • Candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree (16 years of education) from a recognized institution.
    • The minimum 2.5/4.00 CGPA or 45% percentage required may vary depending on the program.
    • Some programs may require a relevant bachelor’s degree, such as an MBA for admission to a Master’s in Business Administration.
  3. Postgraduate Programs (M.Phil and Ph.D.):
    • Applicants must possess a relevant master’s degree from an accredited institution.
    • A minimum 3.00/4.00 CGPA or 50% percentage is required.
    • Candidate must have passed the GAT test or Departmental test and its fee is 1000.
    • Successful completion of an admission test or interview, as per program-specific requirements.

Fee Structure of Ghazi University

The fee structure at Ghazi University may vary slightly between different programs and academic levels. Below is a general outline:

  1. Tuition Fees:
    • Tuition fees vary depending on the program and degree level.
    • Government-funded programs tend to have lower tuition fees compared to self-financing programs.
  2. Admission Fee:
    • A one-time admission fee is typically charged when students first enroll at the university.
  3. Examination Fees:
    • Students may need to pay examination fees for each semester or annual exams.
  4. Miscellaneous Charges:
    • Additional charges may include library fees, sports fees, and other miscellaneous fees.
  5. Hostel Accommodation (if applicable):
    • For students living in university hostels, accommodation fees are separate and may include room charges and mess fees.

It’s essential to check the official Ghazi University website or contact the university’s admission office for the most accurate and up-to-date fee information for your specific program.

Admission Process in Ghazi University

Securing admission at Ghazi University involves several steps:

  1. Advertisement of Admissions:
    • The university releases admission advertisements in leading newspapers and on its official website, detailing available programs, application deadlines, and the admission schedule.
  2. Online Application:
    • Applicants must submit their applications online through the university’s official website during the designated application period.
    • Complete the online application form with accurate information and upload all required documents, including educational certificates, transcripts, CNIC/B-Form, and passport-sized photographs.
  3. Admission Fee: After filling out the online application generate the admission fee slip and pay the nearest branch of Allied Bank Limited.
  4. Verify Form: After the submission, of the admission fee download the application form and verify the all details.
  5. Entry Test (if applicable):
    • Depending on the program, candidates may need to take an entry test, such as ECAT or MCAT.
    • Adequate preparation for these tests is crucial, as they significantly impact your admission prospects.
  6. Merit List:
    • Following the application deadline, Ghazi University compiles merit lists based on academic performance and entry test scores (if applicable).
    • The university publishes these lists on its website and notice boards.
  7. Interview and Document Verification (if required):
    • Some programs may require interviews or document verification to ensure the authenticity of credentials.
  8. Fee Submission:
    • Once selected, students must submit the admission fee and other dues within the specified time frame.
  9. Orientation and Enrollment:
    • After fee submission, Ghazi University arranges an orientation program for incoming students.
    • Enroll in your chosen program by providing the necessary documents and attending the orientation.

BS Admission 2024 in Ghazi University DGK

Ghazi University, located in Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan, offers a wide array of Bachelor of Science (BS) programs, providing students with a diverse range of educational opportunities. To help you navigate the admission process and make informed choices, here is an overview of the BS programs available at Ghazi University, presented in a point-by-point format: Ghazi University Admission 2024 Last Date- Apply Online

  1. BS in Computer Science:
    • Focuses on programming, software development, and system analysis.
    • Ideal for students interested in the dynamic field of computer science.
  2. BS in Business Administration:
    • Covers various aspects of business management, including marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.
    • Prepares future business leaders for a wide range of career opportunities.
  3. BS in Environmental Sciences:
    • Addresses environmental issues and sustainable solutions.
    • Equips students to tackle challenges related to conservation and environmental management.
  4. BS in Agriculture Sciences:
    • Explores agricultural practices, crop management, and agri-marketing.
    • Suitable for those interested in agriculture and agribusiness.
  5. BS in Mathematics:
    • Provides a solid foundation in mathematics, including calculus, algebra, and statistics.
    • Ideal for students pursuing careers in mathematics, teaching, or research.
  6. BS in English:
    • Offers a comprehensive understanding of English literature and language.
    • Perfect for students passionate about language and literature.
  7. BS in Chemistry:
    • Delves into various aspects of chemistry, including organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.
    • Equips students with a strong background in chemical sciences.
  8. BS in Zoology:
    • Explores the animal kingdom, animal behavior, and conservation.
    • Ideal for those fascinated by the study of animals and ecosystems.
  9. BS in Psychology:
    • Focuses on human behavior and psychology, preparing students for counseling, therapy, or research.
    • Provides insights into the complexities of the human mind.
  10. BS in Sociology:
    • Examines societal structures and human behavior, offering insights into sociological theories and practices.
    • Suitable for students interested in understanding and analyzing society.

Ghazi University Admission 2024 in MS Program

Ghazi University, nestled in the vibrant city of Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan, offers a variety of Master of Science (MS) programs that cater to the diverse academic interests of students. Ghazi University Admission 2024 Last Date- Apply Online

  1. MS in Computer Science:
    • Focuses on advanced computer science topics, including algorithms, artificial intelligence, and data science.
    • Ideal for IT professionals and computer science enthusiasts seeking in-depth knowledge.
  2. MS in Business Administration:
    • Offers advanced courses in management, leadership, and strategic planning.
    • Designed for professionals aiming to excel in the world of business and management.
  3. MS in Environmental Sciences:
    • Explores complex environmental issues, sustainable practices, and conservation strategies.
    • Perfect for individuals passionate about environmental protection and sustainability.
  4. MS in Agriculture Sciences:
    • Advances knowledge in agricultural practices, crop management, and agribusiness.
    • Suited for agricultural professionals and those seeking to enhance their expertise.
  5. MS in Mathematics:
    • Provides advanced studies in mathematics, including pure and applied mathematics.
    • Tailored for mathematicians and educators looking to deepen their mathematical understanding.
  6. MS in English:
    • Offers an in-depth exploration of English literature, linguistics, and critical theory.
    • Ideal for literature enthusiasts and aspiring educators.
  7. MS in Chemistry:
    • Focuses on advanced chemistry topics, including organic synthesis, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry.
    • Designed for chemists and researchers aiming to make significant contributions to the field.
  8. MS in Zoology:
    • Advances knowledge of zoology, including animal behavior, conservation biology, and ecology.
    • Suited for individuals with a strong interest in the study of animals and ecosystems.
  9. MS in Psychology:
    • Explores advanced psychological concepts, therapeutic techniques, and research methodologies.
    • Ideal for psychologists and counselors looking to deepen their expertise.
  10. MS in Sociology:
    • Offers advanced sociological theories and research methods, focusing on social change and analysis.
    • Suitable for sociologists and researchers interested in societal dynamics.