A Facilities Manager is a professional responsible for overseeing the operations and maintenance of a facility or a group of facilities. Their role involves managing the physical assets, infrastructure, and services of a facility to ensure a safe, efficient, and well-functioning environment for occupants. The specific responsibilities and required skills may vary depending on the organization, industry, and the size and complexity of the facility. Facilities Manager Job In Qatar 2024-Confidential Company

Job Highlights

  • Company Name: Confidential Company
  • Job Role: Support Services


  • Facility Operations and Maintenance: Oversee day-to-day operations, maintenance, and repairs of the facility. Ensure that all systems, equipment, and services are functioning optimally, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and security systems.
  • Vendor and Contract Management: Select and manage relationships with external vendors, contractors, and service providers. Negotiate contracts, monitor performance, and ensure timely and quality service delivery.
  • Budgeting and Financial Management: Develop and manage the facility budget, including forecasting and tracking expenses. Identify cost-saving opportunities without compromising the quality of services.
  • Space Planning and Utilization: Optimize the use of available space within the facility. Collaborate with stakeholders to determine space requirements, plan layouts, and allocate resources effectively.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: Ensure compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations. Develop and implement safety protocols, emergency response plans, and risk management strategies.
  • Asset Management: Manage the lifecycle of facility assets, including equipment, machinery, and infrastructure. Conduct regular assessments, and plan for asset maintenance, repairs, and replacements.
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: Implement sustainable practices to reduce the facility’s environmental impact. Identify energy-saving opportunities, promote resource conservation, and explore renewable energy options.
  • Occupant Services and Customer Experience: Provide excellent customer service to facility occupants. Address their inquiries, requests, and concerns promptly and professionally.
Facilities Manager Job In Qatar 2023-Confidential Company


  • Technical Knowledge: Strong understanding of building systems, equipment, and facility operations. Familiarity with relevant codes, regulations, and industry best practices.
  • Project Management: Proficiency in project management methodologies to plan, execute, and monitor facility-related projects. Ability to manage multiple tasks, set priorities, and meet deadlines.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Excellent communication skills to interact with stakeholders at all levels, including employees, contractors, and senior management. Ability to build relationships and collaborate effectively.
  • Problem-solving and Analytical Skills: Strong problem-solving abilities to identify facility issues, evaluate options, and implement effective solutions.
  • Financial Acumen: Proficiency in budgeting, financial analysis, and cost control related to facility operations.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous approach to overseeing facility inspections, maintenance records, and compliance documentation.
  • Leadership and Team Management: Ability to lead and motivate a team of facility staff, contractors, and vendors. Strong leadership skills to manage and resolve conflicts.
  • Computer Proficiency: Familiarity with facility management software, computer-aided facility management (CAFM) systems, and standard office software.


  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
  • 10 years of experience

Job Details

Job LocationDoha, Qatar
Company IndustryFacilities & Property Management
Company TypeEmployer (Private Sector)
Job RoleSupport Services
Employment TypeFull-Time Employee
Monthly Salary RangeUnspecified
Number of Vacancies1

Preferred Candidate

  • Residence Location: Qatar. Facilities Manager Job In Qatar 2024-Confidential Company
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