Data Entry Operator: A Data Entry Operator is responsible for entering and maintaining data in computer systems and databases. Their primary task is to accurately input information from various sources into the designated software or database. Data Entry Operator Job

Data Entry Operators need excellent attention to detail, fast and accurate typing skills, and the ability to work with minimal errors. They should be organized, methodical, and have a strong focus on data accuracy. Additionally, they should possess basic computer literacy, including proficiency in spreadsheet software and data entry applications.

The Data Entry Operators play a crucial role in maintaining accurate and organized data records. Their meticulous data entry and verification skills contribute to the integrity and reliability of organizational data. By ensuring data accuracy and adherence to quality standards, they support effective decision-making

Job Highlights

  • Company Name: Bait Al Khibra
  • Job Role: Support Services


  1. Data Entry: Enter data accurately and efficiently from various sources, such as paper documents, electronic files, or recordings, into computer systems or databases.
  2. Data Verification: Review and verify data for errors or discrepancies and correct any inaccuracies.
  3. Database Maintenance: Update and maintain databases by entering new information, deleting or modifying existing records, and performing data backups.
  4. Data Formatting and Sorting: Organize and format data according to specific guidelines, such as alphabetical or numerical order.
  5. Data Security: Ensure the confidentiality and security of the data being entered, especially when dealing with sensitive information.
  6. Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records and documentation of data entry activities and transactions.
Data Entry Operator


  • Typing Speed and Accuracy
  • Attention to Detail
  • Strong knowledge of computer systems, including familiarity with data entry software, spreadsheet applications (e.g., Microsoft Excel), and relevant tools.
  • Ability to manage time effectively
  • Organizational Skills
  • Data Analysis


  • High school or equivalent
  • Nationality: India, Nepal

Job Details

Job LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
Company IndustryIT Services
Company TypeUnspecified
Job RoleSupport Services
Employment TypeFull-Time Employee
Monthly Salary Range$0 – $500
Number of Vacancies30

Preferred Candidate

Residence Location: United Arab Emirates. Data Entry Operator Job

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