As a Sales Representative, your role is to generate new business opportunities, build relationships with clients, and meet sales targets. You are responsible for promoting and selling products or services to customers, identifying their needs, and providing solutions. Sales Representative

Job Highlights

  • Job Role: Sales


  1. Prospecting and Lead Generation: Identify potential customers and generate leads through various channels such as cold calling, networking, referrals, and online research. Research and analyze target markets to identify potential opportunities.
  2. Sales Presentations: Conduct sales presentations or product demonstrations to showcase the features and benefits of your products or services. Tailor your presentations to address the specific needs and challenges of each prospect.
  3. Relationship Building: Build and maintain strong relationships with clients to understand their requirements, address their concerns, and provide ongoing support. Act as a trusted advisor and develop a deep understanding of their businesses and industries.
  4. Market and Competitor Analysis: Stay informed about industry trends, market conditions, and competitor activities. Continuously gather information to position your products or services competitively and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Sales Reporting: Prepare regular sales reports, including activity reports, pipeline updates, and sales forecasts. Analyze data to evaluate your sales performance and identify areas for improvement.
  6. Product Knowledge and Presentation: Acquiring a deep understanding of the products or services they are selling. They should be able to effectively communicate product features, benefits, and value propositions to potential customers. This includes delivering persuasive sales presentations and demonstrations.
  7. Customer Needs Assessment: Engaging with customers to understand their requirements, challenges, and goals. They ask relevant questions, actively listen, and gather information to identify how their product or service can meet the customer’s needs and provide solutions.
  8. Sales Negotiation and Closing: Collaborating with customers to address objections, negotiate terms, and close sales. They present pricing options, discounts, or incentives, and work to establish mutually beneficial agreements. Sales Representatives should be skilled in persuasive communication and have the ability to overcome objections.
Sales Representative


  • Good Communication
  • Self Motivated
  • Ability to work under Pressure
  • Problem-Solving
  • 2 to 5 Year Experience

Preferred Candidate

  • Residence Location: Qatar. Sales Representative
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