A Civil Site Engineer is a professional responsible for overseeing and managing various aspects of a construction project, typically at the construction site itself. Their main role is to ensure that the construction project progresses smoothly, adheres to design plans and specifications, meets quality standards, and is completed within the allocated timeframe and budget. Civil Site Engineer Job In UAE 2024-China Jiangsu INTL

Job Details

Employment TypeFull Time
Remote JobNo
Monthly Salary6,000 – 7,999 AED
Job RoleCivil Engineer
Minimum Work Experience5-10 Years
Minimum Education LevelBachelors Degree
Listed ByEmployer
Company Size51-200 Employees
Career LevelMid-level
Expires on14th July 2024
Company NameChina Jiangsu INTL


  • Construction supervision: Monitoring and supervising construction activities to ensure compliance with specifications, codes, and regulations.
  • Quality control: Conduct inspections and tests to ensure the quality of materials, workmanship, and compliance with project standards.
  • Project management: Coordinating with project managers, architects, contractors, and subcontractors to ensure efficient workflow, resolve issues, and maintain project schedules.
  • Safety management: Implementing safety procedures and ensuring that construction activities are carried out in compliance with safety regulations to protect workers and the public.
  • Documentation: Maintaining accurate records of construction activities, progress reports, daily logs, and any changes or deviations from the original plans.
  • Problem-solving: Identifying and resolving construction-related problems, such as design conflicts, unforeseen site conditions, or material deficiencies.
  • Communication: Effectively communicating with project stakeholders, including clients, team members, and regulatory authorities.
Civil Site Engineer Job In UAE 2023-China Jiangsu INTL


  • Technical knowledge: A strong understanding of civil engineering principles, construction techniques, and relevant codes and regulations.
  • Construction expertise: Proficiency in interpreting design drawings, specifications, and contracts, as well as familiarity with construction materials and methods.
  • Attention to detail: Being meticulous in reviewing construction work, identifying errors or discrepancies, and ensuring compliance with specifications.
  • Leadership: The ability to lead and motivate a construction team, delegate tasks, and resolve conflicts.


  • Professional growth
  • Job satisfaction
  • Versatility
  • Competitive salary
  • Collaboration

Preferred Candidate

Residence Location: United Arab Emirates. Civil Site Engineer Job In UAE 2024-China Jiangsu INTL

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