A Business Development manager is a professional who focuses on generating business opportunities, expanding market presence, and promoting a company’s products or services. They play a vital role in driving growth and increasing revenue by identifying new markets, building strategic partnerships, and implementing effective marketing strategies. Business Development Manager Job 2024

Job Highlights

  • Company Name: Bluechip Computer System LLC
  • Job Role: Sales


  1. Market Research: Conduct market research to identify target markets, customer segments, and emerging trends. Gather data on customer needs, preferences, and competitors to inform business development and marketing strategies.
  2. Lead Generation: Identify and generate new business leads through various channels such as cold calling, networking, referrals, and online research. Qualify leads, nurture relationships, and convert them into sales opportunities.
  3. Partnership Development: Identify potential partners, distributors, or strategic alliances to expand the company’s reach and market presence. Develop and maintain strong relationships with partners to drive collaborative business opportunities.
  4. Marketing Strategy: Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote the company’s products or services. This may include branding, positioning, pricing, and product/service differentiation strategies. Determine target audiences and select appropriate marketing channels to maximize impact.
  5. Marketing Collateral and Content Creation: Create marketing collateral such as brochures, presentations, case studies, and website content. Develop compelling and persuasive messaging to effectively communicate the value proposition to potential customers.
  6. Sales Support: Collaborate with the sales team to support their efforts in closing deals. Provide marketing materials, sales presentations, and relevant information to help sales representatives effectively communicate with prospects and convert leads into customers.
  7. Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with clients, partners, industry influencers, and key stakeholders. Provide exceptional customer service and ensure client satisfaction. Foster long-term relationships to drive repeat business and referrals.
Business Development Manager Job 2023


  1. Business Acumen: Strong understanding of business principles, market dynamics, and industry trends. Ability to assess market opportunities, identify business needs, and propose relevant solutions.
  2. Sales and Negotiation: Proficiency in sales techniques and negotiation skills. Ability to identify customer pain points, tailor solutions, and effectively close deals. Strong persuasive and communication skills.
  3. Market Analysis: Ability to analyze market data, consumer behavior, and competitive landscape to identify business opportunities and develop effective marketing strategies. Familiarity with market research techniques and tools.
  4. Relationship Building: Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to build rapport and trust with clients, partners, and stakeholders. Effective networking skills to establish and maintain professional relationships.
  5. Communication and Presentation: Strong written and verbal communication skills. Ability to create compelling marketing content, deliver persuasive presentations, and communicate ideas effectively to diverse audiences.
  6. Strategic Thinking: Ability to think strategically and develop innovative business development and marketing strategies. Analytical skills to assess market potential, competitive positioning, and ROI of marketing initiatives.
  7. Adaptability and Creativity: Flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions, business requirements, and client needs. Creative thinking to develop unique marketing approaches and differentiate the company from competitors.

Job Details

Job LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
Company IndustryHuman Resources Outsourcing
Company TypeEmployer (Private Sector)
Job RoleSales
Employment TypeFull-Time Employee
Monthly Salary Range$1,000 – $1,500
Number of Vacancies1

Preferred Candidate

Residence Location: United Arab Emirates. Business Development Manager Job 2024

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