Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) T20 cricket league has become an annual spectacle, capturing the hearts of cricket enthusiasts and showcasing the talent, passion, and vibrancy of Bangladesh’s cricketing landscape. BPL 2024 Schedule And Squad

The BPL came into existence in 2011, modeled after successful T20 leagues around the world. Organized by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), the league aimed not only to provide a platform for local talents but also to attract international stars, creating a cricketing carnival that resonates with fans both locally and globally.

BPL 2024 Schedule

One of the unique features of the BPL is its ability to attract international cricketing icons, adding star power and a global dimension to the league.

BPL 2024 Schedule And Squad

BPL 2024 Teams And Squad

The BPL boasts a franchise-based system with teams representing different cities and regions of Bangladesh. These franchises not only bring a sense of local pride but also contribute to the growth of cricket in various parts of the country. Teams like

  1. Chattogram Challengers
  2. Comilla Victorians
  3. Durdanto Dhaka
  4. Fortune Barishal
  5. Khulna Tigers
  6. Rangpur Riders
  7. Sylhet Strikers

Chattogram Challengers Squad

BPL 2024 Schedule And Squad

Comilla Victorians Squad

Durdanto Dhaka Squad

Fortune Barishal Squad

Khulna Tigers Squad

Rangpur Riders Squad

BPL 2024 Schedule And Squad

Sylhet Strikers Squad

BPL 2024 Schedule And Squad

BPL 2024 Points Table

1Chattogram Challengers54181.34
2Comilla Victorians42240.49
3Durdanto Dhaka4132-1.63
4Fortune Barishal52340.30
5Khulna Tigers44081.34
6Rangpur Riders53260.67
7Sylhet Strikers5050-1.54

Bangladesh Premium League 2024

The BPL Bangladesh Premier League has transcended the boundaries of sport, becoming a cultural phenomenon that unites people in their love for cricket. With its unique blend of competition, entertainment, and global participation, the league not only showcases the talent of Bangladesh but also contributes to the overall growth and popularity of T20 cricket on the international stage. BPL 2024 Schedule And Squad