The Asia Cup 2024 is scheduled to commence on 30th August and conclude on 17th September 2024. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have been chosen as the hosts for the prestigious tournament. The participating teams will be divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. Pakistan, India, and Nepal are in Group A While Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan are in Group B. Asia Cup 2024 Schedule Fixtures Date and Time

Date And Time of Asia Cup 2024

DateMatch DetailsTime
Aug 30, Wed
Pakistan vs Nepal, 1st Match, Group A

3:00 AM10:00 AM GMT / 03:00 PM LOCAL
Aug 31, ThuBangladesh vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Match, Group B
12:30 AM07:30 AM GMT / 01:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 02, Sat
Pakistan vs India, 3rd Match, Group A

12:30 AM07:30 AM GMT / 01:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 03, SunBangladesh vs Afghanistan, 4th Match, Group B
1:00 AM08:00 AM GMT / 01:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 04, Mon
India vs Nepal, 5th Match, Group A

12:30 AM07:30 AM GMT / 01:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 05, TueAfghanistan vs Sri Lanka, 6th Match, Group B
3:00 AM10:00 AM GMT / 03:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 06, WedA1 vs B2, Super Fours, 1st Match
3:00 AM10:00 AM GMT / 03:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 09, SatB1 vs B2, Super Fours, 2nd Match
1:30 AM08:30 AM GMT / 02:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 10, Sun
A1 vs A2, Super Fours, 3rd Match

1:30 AM08:30 AM GMT / 02:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 12, TueA2 vs B1, Super Fours, 4th Match
1:30 AM08:30 AM GMT / 02:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 14, ThuA1 vs B1, Super Fours, 5th Match
1:30 AM08:30 AM GMT / 02:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 15, FriA2 vs B2, Super Fours, 6th Match
1:30 AM08:30 AM GMT / 02:00 PM LOCAL
Sep 17, SunTBC vs TBC, Final
1:30 AM08:30 AM GMT / 02:00 PM LOCAL


“This article delves into the celebrated history of cricket in Asia, often revered as the gentleman’s game. It places a spotlight on the significance of the biennial Asia Cup, a prestigious cricket tournament that serves as a prominent platform for Asian cricketing nations to demonstrate their commitment, expertise, and solidarity on the field.”

Over time, the competition has firmly established itself as a vital fixture in the cricketing calendar, garnering an immense following of fervent fans from all corners of the continent.”

The article also explores the tournament’s evolution and its captivating format, which continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts worldwide.”

The Birth of the Asia Cup

“In the 1980s, the concept of organizing an Asia-centric cricket tournament was proposed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), and the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC).”

Their primary aim was to create a platform that could enhance the growth of cricket in the Asian region while fostering a sense of camaraderie and goodwill among the participating cricketing nations.”

Consequently, the first-ever Asia Cup took place in 1983, hosted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka as the featured teams.” Over the years, the Asia Cup expanded its horizons, incorporating other cricketing nations from the region.

The Format

The Asia Cup format has evolved since its inception to keep the tournament competitive and engaging.

  1. Group Stage: “The group stage of the tournament features a division of participating teams into two groups, typically referred to as Group A and Group B. During this stage, each team competes against all the others in their respective group in a round-robin format.”
  2. Super Four (if applicable): When there are more than four teams in the competition, a Super Four stage comes into play after the group stage. The top two teams from each group advance to the Super Four, where they play against the teams they haven’t faced in the group stage.
  3. Final: “Following the group stage or Super Four phase, the two teams with the highest points earn their places in the grand finale, where they vie for the coveted title of Asia Cup champions.”

Host Country

During this process, cricket boards from the Asian region submit their proposals to the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), vying for the privilege of hosting the prestigious tournament.” The ACC then evaluates the bids and selects the host nation.

By implementing a rotating system, the Asia Cup provides different Asian countries with the opportunity to exhibit their cricketing infrastructure and hospitality. As a result, the tournament has consistently maintained its status as a crucial event in the cricketing scene of Asia, bringing together outstanding cricketing talents from across the continent.

Over the years, the Asia Cup has witnessed fierce rivalries, captivating matches, and unforgettable moments that continue to resonate with cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Now, with the much-awaited Asia Cup 2024 approaching, fans eagerly await the release of the tournament schedule to plan their cricketing celebrations accordingly.

The tournament not only celebrates the sport of cricket but also serves as a symbol of unity and camaraderie among Asian nations. As the Asia Cup continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly pave the way for more exceptional cricketing talent and foster stronger bonds between the participating countries, further solidifying the legacy of this prestigious competition. Asia Cup 2024 Schedule Fixtures Date and Time

Asia Cup 2024 Schedule Fixtures Date and Time