BISE Faisalabad has released the date sheet of Intermediate Part-I. The exam will be held in May 2024. 1st Year 11th Class Date Sheet 2024 Faisalabad Board

Class11th Class
BoardBISE Faisalabad Board
Exam DateMay 2024
Exam TypeAnnual
Academic Year2024

The latest announcement from the Faisalabad Board the exam for the 11th Class will start on May 2024. The date sheet for 1st year has been released. The duration of the exams is typically three hours for theory exams, and the dates and timings for each subject are mentioned on the date sheet.

The date sheet for first-year students is typically released by the university or college a few weeks before the start of the exam period.

Unofficial Date Sheet of the 1st year 2024 BISE Faisalabad Board

Part-Ⅰ (11 Class)Morning paper will start at 8:30 AMEvening paper will start at 1:30 PM
Exam DateDaySubjectsSubjects
Business Mathematics
8-05-2024WednesdayEnglish (comp.) 1stGroupEnglish (comp.) 2stGroup
9-05-2024ThursdayIslamic Education (comp.)
Islamic Education (comp.)
Pakistan Culture
13-05-2024Mondaychemistry 1stGroup
Health and Education
chemistry 2stGroup
Statistic / N.E.W
14-05-2024TuesdayPunjabi 1stGroup
Principle of Accounting
Punjabi 1stGroup
Urdu Advance
15-05-2024WednesdayPhysics 1stGroup
Education 1stGroup
Principle of Economics / N.E.W
Physics 2stGroup
Education 2stGroup
Colthing and Textile N.E.W
Outline of Home Economics
17-05-2024FridayTarjama-tul-Quran-Ul-Amjeed 1stGroupTarjama-tul-Quran-Ul-Amjeed 2stGroup
Ethics/Civics (Old/New)(Non-Muslims)
18-05-2024SaturdayHistory (all options)Geography (Old/New)
Biology 1Group
Biology /N.E.W 2stGroup
21-05-2024TuesdayIslamic Studies (Elective) 1stGroup
Principle of Accounting
Islamic Studies (Elective) /N.E.W 2stGroup
22-05-2024WednesdayComputer Science 1stGroupComputer Science 1stGroup

1st Year FSC Science Group Date Sheet 2024

The Latest update from the Board’s annual exam will be started and students will be up-to-date with the educational portal. All students get the date sheet printed or visit their schools.

BISE Faisalabad Announcement

BISE Faisalabad announces that the date sheet of the 11th class has released in May. The date sheet for first-year students typically includes a schedule for both theory and practical exams. Preparing for exams is a crucial part of the academic journey, and having a clear understanding of the exam schedule can help students plan their study schedule effectively.

Exam Schedule of 11th Class

The 11th class date sheet for 2024 reveals a well-structured examination schedule that allows students to allocate their time and efforts accordingly. The exams are set to commence in May 2024 and will continue until June 2024, ensuring sufficient time for students to complete their preparations. The date sheet outlines the order and dates of each subject’s examination, providing a clear picture of the sequence.

Stay updated on Date Sheet 2024

Students need to stay updated and regularly check for any updates or changes to the date sheet. Additionally, students can reach out to their teachers or academic advisors for any additional guidance or resources to help them prepare for their exams. With the right preparation and support, students can successfully navigate the exam period and achieve academic success.1st Year 11th Class Date Sheet 2024 Faisalabad Board. The date sheet provides a clear timeline for the exams, helping students effectively manage their time. It allows them to prioritize subjects based on the exam dates, allocate sufficient time for revision, and avoid last-minute cramming.

11th Class Date Sheet 2024

It is important to keep a close eye on the date sheet and mark the dates of your exams on your calendar or planner. All students of the 11th class follow the official website of Faisalabad Board and also follow the for date sheet. A date sheet provides a clear and organized timeline for various academic activities, including exams, quizzes, and project submissions.

Faisalabad Board 11th Class Date Sheet 2024

The 1st year date sheet for BISE Multan usually comes out in April or May. The date sheet 1st-year 11th class has been announced.

Students can also reach out to their professors or academic advisors for any additional guidance or resources to help them prepare for their exams.1st Year 11th Class Date Sheet 2024 Faisalabad Board.

Subjects of 1st Year

The subjects that are usually offered in the first year of college or higher secondary education may vary depending on the education board or university.

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Biology
  6. Computer Science
  7. Accounting
  8. Economics
  9. Business Studies
  10. Urdu
  11. Islamic Studies
  12. Civics
  13. Statistics

Study Schedules of the 11th Class Exam

Students should stay up-to-date with any changes or updates to the date sheet and plan their study schedules accordingly. With the right preparation and support, students can successfully navigate the exam period and achieve academic success.

BISE Faisalabad Date Sheet 2024 11th Class

The 11th class date sheet is a crucial document for students in their first year of higher secondary education. With the right preparation and support, students can successfully navigate the exam period and set themselves up for academic success in their higher secondary education.

Key Point For 1st Year Exam

Here are some key points to keep in mind when preparing for 11th-grade exams:

  1. Understand the exam syllabus.
  2. Create a study schedule and stick to it.
  3. Use different learning strategies such as reading, note-taking, listening to lectures, and solving practice papers.
  4. Practice effective time management to allocate enough time for each subject and avoid procrastination.
  5. Take short breaks between study sessions to stay refreshed and focused.
  6. Seek help when needed, whether from teachers, classmates, or tutoring programs.
  7. Revise regularly to reinforce the learning and memorization process.
  8. Attempt mock exams to evaluate your preparation level and identify areas that need improvement.
  9. Practice solving past papers to get familiar with the exam format and marking scheme.
  10. Stay positive and motivated by setting achievable goals, rewarding yourself for progress, and staying confident in your abilities.

About Faisalabad Board

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Faisalabad is a government organization responsible for conducting exams for intermediate and secondary education students in the Faisalabad region of Pakistan. It was established in 1988, to provide a fair and transparent examination system to the students of Faisalabad and its surrounding districts.

The board is also responsible for maintaining and updating the academic records of students and providing them with timely access to their results. The board has adopted modern technology to improve its examination systems, such as the use of computerized systems for the management of data and the issuance of result cards.

Faisalabad Board Contact Information


  • Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Matiari, Faisalabad, Pakistan


Contact Number:

  • Phone: +92-41-2517710-16
  • Fax: +92-41-2517719

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How can I download the 11th class date sheet?
    • You can typically download the date sheet from your education board’s official website. They often provide a PDF version that you can easily access and save.
  2. What subjects will be included in the 11th class board exams?
    • The subjects included in the 11th class board exams depend on your educational board and the stream you are pursuing (e.g., Science, Commerce, Arts). Common subjects include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Accountancy, English, and more.